Dr. Siegel: The Gov’t Should Give Incentives for Getting Vaccinated Not Mandates

‘They are helpful in terms of compliance in certain areas’


SIEGEL: "Well, you know, they are helpful in terms of compliance in certain areas, as Kevin just said. Here in New York City when they imposed a mandate on workers, front-line workers, they got all the way up from 70 to 93 percent, but I question, you know, what are the other options here? Because there’s other countries like Israel and in Europe, Mike, where the mandate isn’t really a mandate. It’s an incentive thing. If you want to go to a public area, you either have the vaccine or you got over Covid, and they give you credit for that. We're not giving credit for that here in the United States even though there is some immunity involved with getting over Covid or having a testing option. Germany calls that the 3 Gs. The third G is a rapid test. A rapid test may be the most predictive of all, Mike, that you’re not contagious or infectious, but Germany, as you know, under the new incoming chancellor, Olaf Scholz, may be about to go to a more superimposed vaccine mandate and lockdown. So these are shifting terrains, but I think the question is how do you get people to comply, how do you get people comfortable without them quitting their jobs?"

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