Brandon Judd: Migrants Paying Smugglers $1.7 Billion Is ‘Very Small’ Conservative Estimate

‘And it goes all the way back to 2017’


JUDD: “$1.7 billion is a small investment and it goes all the way back to 2017. If you look at supply and demand back in 2017 supply wasn’t there so smugglers but their prices exponentially but as supply went up and we release people into the United States that demand went up and the prices also went up. $1.7 billion annually is the number if you consider 2021 but if you go back to 2017 that is more proper but right now it is a lot larger than it was in 2017 and takes into account all the people getting away and how much they are paying so that number is small but gives the American public a good idea what the smugglers are able to generate in revenue.”

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