Dr. Nicole Saphier: ‘Mixed Messaging’ Blundered Response to COVID-19

‘There have been a lot of missteps with the CDC, they have not been fully transparent’


SAPHIER: “Well, to think of one president or person in general can either be the complete success or failure of this global pandemic or national pandemic is utter nonsense. When we saw so many promises being made during the campaign trail that’s all they were. They were just campaign promises. Now unfortunately messaging — mixed messaging has blundered a lot of our response once President Biden took office. There have been a lot of missteps with the cdc. They haven’t been fully transparent when making their decisions. There has been influence from some lobbying powerhouse such as the teachers unions. All of this does damage credibility and makes Americans more skeptical and question the public health authorities in general. We saw politization of science and the pandemic throughout the Trump administration but didn’t stop once President Biden took office. I believe it got worse.”

(via Fox News)

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