‘Badass Move’: Neil deGrasse Tyson Praises NASA’s Latest Mission

‘There’s not enough praise given to the orbital dynamicists who figured this out’


TYSON: "Yeah, it's a badass move. You know, here we are on Earth, itself a moving platform, and you're aiming this space probe to a point in space 10 months from now, where the binary asteroid will be, and you're going to hit the moon that's going around it. And so, this yes, there's not enough praise given to the orbital dynamicists who figure this out. But consider what's going to happen, this craft weighs about 1,000 pounds, much less than, than the mass of the moon itself, but just enough to push it and change its orbital speed by one half a millimeter per second. And you say, well, that's nothing. Well, it adds up. And think to yourself, if we find an asteroid headed our way, you don't want to deflect it when it's late, because then you got to push it really far. You want to get it when it's early, you push it a little bit, and that little bit accumulates. And so, you can knock it out of harm's way if you have early enough warning that such a asteroid poses a risk."

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