Dem Strategist: ‘This President Came Into Office To Do the Right Thing, Not To Do What’s Politically Popular’

‘He may not even run for a second term’


BURSTEIN: "Look, I think it’s a little bit more complicated than that. Obviously, inflation has been something people have been worried about for some time. It may be very well upon us at this point. But I think we're conflating two things here, with programs that are very popular, inside these bills, and people’s perception of the Biden administration and the environment that we all sit in. When you poll these individual programs that we disagree with, Gianno, things like giving the child tax credit, which is bringing families out of poverty and expanding that program which is part of the legislation, these are things that are ultimately going to be very popular. I think they will take some time to work. We saw this, for instance, with ObamaCare, which got more and more popular over time and polled differently when you call it ObamaCare versus the Affordable Care Act. So I think what we're seeing is some conflation of very popular programs that have been discussed for a long time and that actually do poll well with the negative feelings about the overall political climate. It may hurt the President, but this President came into office to do the right thing, not to do what's politically popular."

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