Kevin Walling: News Outlets Trying to Set Up Rivalry Between Buttigieg and VP Harris by Saying He Might Run for President in 2024

‘We are long ways away from 2024’


WALLING: "Yeah, Griff, you know, again, I think this is everyone’s favorite parlor game. We are a thousand days out from the 2024 election, everyone is gaming out. Of course, you have a president who is somewhat older, but has given every indication that he is running for reelection in 2024. He has got a lot of time before the midterms and, of course, his re-elect in three years. So, again, this is something that 'Politico' and other news agencies want to drive clicks to their sites, want to set up this kind of rivalry between cabinet secretaries and the vice president, what have you. I think it's a drive to just turn out views necessarily. We are long ways away from 2024."

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