Jeremy Peters: ‘Certainly a Possibility’ That Proud Boys Members Might Flip on Donald Trump

‘There is a certain level of disillusionment among some of them’


PETERS: "I think it’s certainly a possibility. I don’t have any insight into what the Proud Boys leadership is thinking or any of the people subpoenaed by the commission, what their thoughts are on this. But like you just said, there is a certain level of disillusionment among some of them. Because part of Trump’s problem with his movement has always been it will never be enough. For some of these people, they’re so radicalized and they're so hard-core that they’ve really essentially outpaced Trump with the crazy. And it’s a very hard thing to control. It’s uncontrollable, frankly. And you’re dealing with folks who are not really rational actors and you just can’t predict what they’re going to do. That could definitely include, I think, flipping on the former president."

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