Carlos Curbelo: If Dems Pass the Build Back Better Agenda, GOP ‘Won’t Be in the Mood’ to Help Them with the Debt Ceiling

‘Because it really does seem like Mitch McConnell wanted to make Democrats pay a price for going it alone on reconciliation’

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CURBELO: "I think it will depend on what happens with this reconciliation package, Yasmin, the Build Back Better plan that the President is working on now. Because it really does seem like Mitch McConnell wanted to make Democrats pay a price for going it alone on reconciliation. If for any reason this legislation fails, if it doesn’t getting across the finish line, I think that could bring Mitch McConnell back into the game when it comes to increasing the debt ceiling and of course the bipartisan budget deal that is necessary for government funding. But if Democrats do succeed in pushing through that very ambitious social spending program, I don’t think that McConnell and Republicans are going to be in the mood to help Democrats with the debt ceiling. It really did seem that McConnell, whether you agree with the decision or not, and certainly a lot of people disagree, he told Democrats, 'You will go it alone on reconciliation, then you have to go it alone on the debt ceiling.' And this is something both parties do. When I was in Congress and Republicans reformed the entire tax code of the United States, excluding Democrats from that process, there was a heavy price that was paid. And this is just payback from Republicans now."

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