Jonathan Isaac: ‘I Disagree with the Way Advocacy and Support for Black Lives Is Being Handled’

‘The people at the top, to me, were exploiting the position that black people found ourselves in, the whole George Floyd thing, for their own means and ends’

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ISAAC: "Well, the basic answer is that I didn’t agree with the way advocacy and support for black lives was being handled in the situation. For me fundamentally, as a person, I believe that Jesus Christ is the answer for the problems that we see individually and ultimately as a whole, as a world, and I didn’t feel comfortable in those spaces, talking about that, and holding to those beliefs. So I didn't feel comfortable enough to lend my support to what was going on. And then secondly, I just didn't believe that wearing a T-shirt and kneeling for the national anthem were synonymous with saving black lives. And that's how I was made to feel, that I wore a T-shirt, if you kneeled, then you support black lives and you're on our side. And if you didn't, then no matter who you were, what you look like, what you've done or whatever your reason is, you were made out to have ill intentions or not care for the support of black lives at all. So I wanted to take the opportunity to share how — what my answer was, my answer for my own life and offering that answer to someone else, why there were so many other answers being spewed about what is the right direction, the right way to heal our country, and I didn’t agree with them.”

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