Marc Morial on Rittenhouse: ‘I Don’t Believe that Justice Was Done and Vigilantism Was Endorsed’

‘When we have seen both of these verdicts, it’s a mixed outcome’


MORIAL: “This is what is at the heart of this. This motion of violence mixed with a rise of hatred based on race, and religion, and status in this country. And — and this is where this moment — this moment of accountability hopefully will spread, but while at the same time in this case, we see this outcome. We saw it in the Rittenhouse case. A very different outcome. A jury would seem to sanction vigilantism by Kyle Rittenhouse. So in this week of both of these trials, or in this last period where we’ve seen both of these verdicts, you know, it is a mixed outcome. We celebrate the idea that justice won and accountability won here, but we still have to look at the Rittenhouse case and understand, and in that case I don’t believe that justice was done and vigilantism was endorsed.” 

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