CNN: Brazen Smash-and-Grabs ‘Concerning and Scary’ for a Lot of People in the Bay Area

‘This is something that’s been happening in the bay area for some time now’


BERNAL: "Hey, Alex, good morning. So, in this case here in Santa Rosa, we know that at least four people came into this mall middle of the day and they were able to get away with about $20,000 worth of Apple product. This was during a time when the mall was full of customers, full of staff and still they were able to get out into a car and escape. Unfortunately we’re also being told that all of these four men or teenagers were between the ages of 14 and 18. And so, it is concerning and it is scary for a -- for a lot of the people who live here in the Bay Area. Because, of course, this is something that has been happening in the Bay Area for some time now. And this is just the latest of many of these incidents. We’re also seeing it around the country. Because we’re seeing cases in Los Angeles and in Chicago, for example. And in some of these cases, police departments don’t see this as a priority. We also know there’s a huge market for these stolen goods. So, those are just some of the reasons why this keeps on happening. But here in the Bay Area in particular, it has been concerning, and they are trying to work on it, but it continues to happen. Alex?"

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