Dr. Risch: ‘The Science Is Very Weak’ Regarding Use of Masks

‘There is no evidence of benefit here’


RISCH: "Well, the science is very weak. There are two questions about masks. The question for the wearer, does the mask benefit the wearer? That, obviously, the state has no interest in. It’s a person's right to choose what they want to expose themselves to. And do the masks protect the people around the wearer? And that, there is almost no evidence of benefit either. So, there's a plausibility seen here where people think there is a reason to wear a mask, but there is no hard evidence to show they are beneficial. These public health officials have confused the idea of plausibility with evidence and they further terrorize people by making them into orders, rather than just saying, 'It's our opinion that it's beneficial and we recommend it.'"

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