Levin: ‘China Isn’t Stealing’ Our Liberty ... Obama Is’

‘China isn’t stealing it, Obama is, the Democrats are’

Mark Levin: "We Want Our Private Economy Back," China Is Not The Problem -- It Is Barack Obama (RealClearPolitics)

MARK LEVIN: We need to take back the agenda, I don't just mean the liberal agenda, we need to take back the agenda. We need to put things in context of liberty, of limited constitutional government, we need to make that case. We need to make it over and over again. Otherwise it is never going to be made, I'll give you an example.

You see what's happening to the stock market, many of you have mutual funds, pension funds, so forth. You are going to have to ride it out like everybody else. And all you are hearing is it is China's fault.

China, we're too tied to China, China China China.

China is a basket case, China is a disaster. That's not why this is happening to America. Not because of China or Mexico. Not because we don't have tarrifs in place, Herbert Hoover tried that, the Smoot-Hawley tarrifs, you know what that led to? The Great Depression. Other countries don't stand by when you put tarrifs on things. That is not what happened.

That is not what is happening. Of course what happens in China can affect us, but what is happening in our country is Barack Obama. Barack Obama is the problem. We haven't had robust growth in this country since Bush left office. The only thing that has been growing, with fake dollars, thanks to the Federal Reserve, is the stock market.

Nothing else has been growing. Jobs aren't growing, housing isn't growing, nothing is growing. And now the stock market is in trouble. Not because of China, because the Federal Reserve is out of control, because the president is out of control, because the bureaucracy is out of control. Because Congress is out of control. They won't put the breaks on this profligate, immoral spending. They won't get out of the way of the private economy. China is nothing, Russia is nothing, when it comes to economics. Yes, it can affect us, but not like this.

We're destroying ourselves from within. We have to identify the true problem... We want our liberty. China isn't stealing it, Obama is, the Democrats are. And the Republicans are rolling over.

We want our private economy back. We want our opportunity back. We want these people that wealth we create belongs to us, not to them.

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