Sen. Durbin Slams Parents Protesting School Boards: ‘Free Speech Does Not Involve Threats and Violence, Period!’

‘I don’t believe and you don’t believe we should infringe on free speech’


DURBIN: “I went on and just typed in this morning school board violence on one of the search engines. Page after page is coming up. In my state of Illinois, Menden, Illinois is a small rural town in Adams County, the western part of our state that I’ve represented for almost forty years. It is a quiet, solid community, and yet they had their own instance at a school board meeting where a individual had to be arrested because he had threatened violence against the school board members over masks in schools for example. The story is repeated over and over again. The State of Minnesota. Senator Klobuchar knows the story well. The State of Idaho. We’re seeing violence at these school board meetings at unprecedented number. I don’t believe, I think you made it clear that you don’t believe that we should infringe on free speech, but free speech does not involve threats and violence, period. And we ought to join with local law enforcement officials to protect the school board members who are being intimidated in this way.”

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