Scarborough: Hillary Took the ‘Greatest Honor’ Obama Could Have Given Her, And ‘Soiled It’

‘It’s obvious, Joe Biden matches up so much better against Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton, in just about every way’

SCARBOROUGH: “Let's stop there for one second. People cannot overestimate, unfortunately for people that watch this show, that don't have regular interactions with the White House, that don't know people there personally, that aren't friends with people there personally, they don't understand. The White House has been mute about the Hillary e-mail up until now. So they may not know it. For people that know people in the White House and work at the White House, you can't overestimate the level of anger of Hillary Clinton taking the greatest honor that Barack Obama could have given her and then soiling it, ignoring the regulations, ignoring everything, and making it about the Clintons again. I think -- I think that's what we may be seeing here. 


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