Tucker: Mayor Pete, ‘The Dwarfish Frog from McKinsey’ Says Surging Prices and Supply Issues Are Results of Biden’s ‘Economic Genius’

‘It’s not the administration’s fault, they’re doing such a good job’


CARLSON: “It’s not the administration’s fault, they’re doing such a good job, you have more money you can spend because you are so rich. If you want to spend it on so much stuff that we no longer have enough stuff for you to buy. The shortages are in effect your fault for being the undeserving of the fish area of Joe Biden’s economic genius. It got that? Not the administration’s fault, gas, lumber, lumber, automobiles, everything you might actually want to buy has risen. At the things you need to buy like washing machines, refrigerators, toilet paper are simply aren’t unavailable and none of it is soviet, not at all all. Not the administration, no. Of its utopia. Be happy about it, stop your complaining. Says mayor pete. The fraud. It will bring you up-to-date on the explanation for all of that and that’s what it was.”

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