Terry McAuliffe: If Youngkin Is Elected, He Is Going to Ban Abortions

‘That is a real issue for everyone today’


McAULIFFE: “I have 20 serious plans. People were happy, as governor, I raised — got 200,000 new jobs, personal income went up 14%, I protected women’s rights. He is going to ban abortions, we've got him on tape saying that, wants to ban abortions in Virginia. And I'll tell you, Andrea, that is a real issue for everyone today. For 50 years we thought the Supreme Court would protect everybody with Roe V. Wade. Trump’s Supreme Court, if Glenn Youngkin is elected governor of Virginia, abortions will cease. And I've got to tell you, it's dangerous for women, dangerous for doctors. And you can't bring businesses — I recruited Amazon to Virginia. They won't come to a state that discriminates."

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