Dem Rep. Tim Ryan: ‘I Think Actually Doing the Bipartisan Bill Would’ve Been Fine’

‘I think it’s important too to show the country that we can actually function and pass things’


RYAN: “Well, I -- I think, actually, doing the bipartisan bill would have been fine. I mean, I think it’s important too, to show the country that we can actually function and pass things. And while I didn’t think that was anywhere close to being big enough, I thought it would have been a good signal to send to the country and get the ball rolling here. And then on the other things I think you’re exactly right. Look, let’s talk about putting money in the pockets of people. We don’t need to complicate this, just be straightforward. This bill wants to limit how much people will pay in child care. That’s money in their pockets for working people. We want to extend the tax cut. That’s money in their pockets. We want to do paid family medical leave. That’s money in their pockets. If you’re a senior, the Medicare program we want to pay for hearing aids, glasses, and dental work, that’s money in their pocket. I think if you present that straightforward to the American people, regardless if you’re Democrat, Republican, urban or rural, and say, 'Look, I’m not going to apologize for making these investments. CEO pay went up 1,300 percent in the last 30 or 40 years and the average wage went up 18 percent.' So we don’t need to apologize for making these investments into working families.”

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