Fiona Hill: ‘Trump Is Taking Us in the Direction of Tyranny, This Is No Joke’

‘I think it’s very hard for Americans to step back and realize they have themselves enthralled to an individual’


HILL: “Donald Trump is not a Republican. He’s not a conservative. He wasn’t part of the party. He's hijacked the party and the apparatus. He’s bullied members of Congress and the Senate of the Republican Party into submission and he's basically making a direct connection with his voters. And he’s made it clear that it’s all about him. People like him have thrived throughout history and even, you know, current times in other countries. And I think it’s just very hard for Americans to step back and realize that they have themselves enthralled, people who have voted for him, to an individual. They don’t want to admit it to themselves and any criticism about Trump is a criticism about them. He’s kind of like an avatar in a big video game, in a reality game. But in real life, you know, President Trump is taking us in the direction of tyranny. This is no joke.”

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