David Remnick: Trump Has Poisoned Country in Many Ways But He Also Exposed It in So Many Ways

‘He’s poisoned the information sphere, he’s poisoned the courts’


REMNICK: “So, look, I think two things. One, Donald Trump has poisoned this country in many ways. He’s poisoned the information sphere, he’s poisoned the courts, he’s done terrible damage even if it exposed the Republican Party to losses in select areas. But at the same time he's also exposed the country in so many ways. He's exposed aspects of our history and racism that are very painful to witness, and he's exposed the fragility of democracy in ways we could not have imagined. You and I and everybody on the panel grew up with a sense, in one way or another, deluded or not, of a kind of American exceptionalism, meaning that this could never happen here. I lived in Moscow for four years, and as a young person I would look around and I'd say, 'How could they possibly have believed this? How could they have ceded to this system? How could they have participated in this system?' And now we know that we are, as human beings, collectively in the face of an effective tyrant, no matter how comical-seeming, weak and exposed, and unless we fight it and do our jobs in each of our own way, whether it’s journalists or citizens or voters, we are still in a very exposed historical moment. You may say he's 78 years old, you may say he's a fool, but the exposure to Donald Trump's poison and to authoritarianism, that temptation has gotten deeper. I'm very, very concerned about that.”

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