Gutfeld: What if Covid Becomes a Daily Variable Like Traffic and Weather? Pretty Chilling Stuff

‘We may be dealing with this forever’


GUTFELD: "It's kind of — it's weird, but — but I have been thinking about this because we've been talking about this forever. We may be dealing with this forever. What if Covid becomes this everyday variable, like traffic and weather? You know, so you get up in the morning and you check your traffic, you check the weather updates, the forecast, the smog forecast and the Covid cases. Like, you could actually do it like weather. 'There's a slight bump in Covid over here in the southeast.' You know, it's like — so it becomes like a — maybe that's the solution, is that it becomes a mundane variable in our life, so we dial down all this moral judgment and this fear and we pull back on the thirst for, I don’t know, power. Because if we are dealing with this every day, we can’t be politicizing it every single day and judging people because they are skeptical. You can’t blame Americans for being skeptical when it was the government that participated in gain of function. It was the experts who knew the risks and then denied it. And then it's the media that buried the concern and labeled anybody who thought it was important racist because it was linked to China. So forgive Americans for being a little bit skeptical of authorities, people in power.”

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