Watters: More ‘Crisis at CNN,’ Biden’s Doing Such a Bad Job, They’re Being Forced to Tell the Truth

‘Our people are looking at him in a negative light’


WATTERS: "The crisis at CNN continues. Looks like Sleepy Joe is doing such a bad job as president, even CNN is being forced to tell the truth."

[clip starts]
JONES: "The problem is that he put himself into a position where he made big, bold claims about the rest of the agenda. 'You think this great stuff that we did is good? It is nothing. Wait until this summer when you'll get all this other stuff,' and then he steps on a rake, and then he slipped on a banana peel, then he falls down the stairs with some marbles. And now people are looking at him in a negative light. Now, can they recover? Yes, they can recover, but right now the Democratic Party is looking over the edge of a cliff, and there is a lot of fear and concern. And you are not seeing that strong Joe Biden leadership that I think people were expecting to get stuff done."
[clip ends]

WATTERS: "You know what? Maybe I’ve got this all wrong. Maybe all this is coming out now, not because CNN has seen the light, but because Van Jones now has $100 million courtesy of Jeff Bezos. They call that 'bleep-you money', he can say whatever he wants.”

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