Tucker on Jon Gruden’s Emails: Thoughts of Crime Have Become Much More Serious than Crimes of Violence

‘But if you have crimes of thought, then they destroy you’


TRAVIS: “Right now the Tampa Bay Buccaneers put out a statement saying they can’t in any way be connected with Jon Gruden but they have two different players that are currently or have recently been involved in assault allegations. This cancel culture absurdity doesn’t apply consistent rules, and right now Jon Gruden has become persona non grata and he is the target in the NFL."

CARLSON: "Well, thought crimes are much more serious than crimes of violence. Of course, there's violence all around us and nobody cares. But if you have unapproved thoughts, then we destroy you. Interesting. Clay Travis, great to see you. Thank you." 

TRAVIS: "Thank you, Tucker. Words are worse than actions. That’s the world we live in."

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