Tucker: ‘Brandon’ Is the Embodiment of the New American Dream Where Everything Is Free

‘But everyone is still angry’


CARLSON: “Let's go, Brandon. But who is Brandon, you ask? Well, just another happy American who is grateful for the wise leadership of his benevolent president. In fact, Brandon is a newly arrived American, part of what we call the Biden generation. He's an undocumented trans Haitian migrant now enrolled thanks to a Pell Grant as a film studies major at NYU, as well as a part-time non-binary rights activist and puppeteer. Brandon is the embodiment of the new American dream, where everything's free, but everyone is still angry. Just this month, thanks to Joe Biden. Brandon got his fourth Covid shot. That means he's an incredibly good person, far better than you are. And the crowd is simply celebrating that, as grateful people spontaneously do. Let's go, Brandon! Let's get a fifth shot! Let's go, Brandon!”

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