Tucker Carlson Speaks to Luke Rosiak About Loudoun County Schools Sexual Assault

‘This story is one of the most disturbing I’ve ever worked on’


ROSIAK: "Yes, this story is one of the most disturbing I’ve ever worked on, it raises the possibility that the Loudoun County public schools covered up the rape of a 14-year-old girl at the hands of a boy wearing a skirt, in order to pass a school policy the Democrats were adamant about passing. And as a result of concealing that, a second girl was raped last week. And to prevent all of this from coming out potentially, they arrested the father of the victim, tried to put him in jail, and he's now the face of domestic terrorism, listed individually by the National School Boards Association all for coming to that meeting. He didn't come to that meeting because he is a a bigot. A lot of people thought they knew that guy, they trotted out his picture, his embarrassing picture with his belly hanging out and his bloodied face. They all thought they knew him. They knew nothing about him. This was a caring father who was involved because of something very personal that happened to his daughter, and if they would have shut up and listened to him for 30 seconds, they would have been heartbroken. Instead, they demeaned him, they arrested him and tried to put him in jail.” 

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