Judge Jeanine: Hillary Could Be Charged with at Least Seven Crimes

‘Was this a mass criminal conspiracy?’

HANNITY: “Now in studio with the legal reaction to the ongoing scandal, the host of "Justice," Judge Jeanine Pirro is with us. All right, assuming they're right, they think the 100 percent the Russians and the Chinese have it.  And they seem very confident that, in fact, the FBI will recover. So here's the question. That means that if she lied, this is obstruction of justice. This takes to it a whole new level!”

PIRRO: “Well, look, there are a myriad of crimes she can be charged with. Number one, she had classified information on an unauthorized and not government server. She knew she wasn't supposed to do that. What you have to say is, why is it that within days of your being confirmed as secretary of state -- why did you need your own private server? Why did you put your pit bulls, Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills, on that same server? Why are their BlackBerry’s missing right now? And why did she say, I never received or sent classified, and then she said ‘marked classified’? She keeps pulling back from it. You've destruction of evidence. You've got obstruction of Justice. You've got Federal Records Act violations. You got –“ [Crosstalk]

HANNITY: “I'll put them up as we speak here. There's three specific laws that we found that –“

PIRRO: “There's at least seven that I've found.”


PIRRO: “The woman should be indicted!”

HANNITY: “All right, but now if the Russians -- if they're 100 percent right -- these are -- these are experts. These are the guys our government goes to. If they're right that, in facility, the Russians, Chinese, maybe the Iranians, others have this, then that would mean if she became president, she would be compromised. Vladimir Putin comes to the White House, comes in, he has the 33,000 e-mails she deleted, some of which would be damning to her and contradict everything she said and –“ [Crosstalk]

PIRRO: “-- blackmail!”

HANNITY: “She's subject to blackmail!”

HERRIDGE: “But you know what? You don't even need to prove that.  What about the Clinton Foundation and the hundreds of millions of dollars –“

HANNITY: “That, too.”

PIRRO: “She is compromised by that. She forgets to put down that Saudi Arabia gave her $25 million. And why is Huma Abedin being paid by the Clinton Foundation in addition to the Teneo law Clinton-connected business? Was this a mass criminal conspiracy? You've got co-conspirators! You've got people taking top secret off of e-mails! You've got everything the grand jury should be investigating right now!

HANNITY: “I think there should be a grand jury call –“

PIRRO: “Absolutely. Right now!”

HANNITY: “All right, now we have to see whether or not -- how -- wait a minute -- how the Justice Department, which is not exactly -- it's been politicized -- what Loretta Lynch is going to do. Now, I believe a lot of the leaks have been coming from Valerie Jarrett. If so, with the tacit approval of Obama. And so –“

PIRRO: “That means Loretta gets permission.”

HANNITY: “That means she gets permission. So –“

PIRRO: “Now, let's assume that she doesn't do -- and I know Loretta Lynch. I know her to be competent, fair –“

HANNITY: “You trust her.”

PIRRO: “I do.”

HANNITY: “I don't.”

PIRRO: “Well, look, in the Obama administration, I problem should [indecipherable] qualify that. But you know who I trust?”


HANNITY: Jim Comey, former...


HANNITY: I do trust him.

PIRRO: “Absolutely. He's a guy -- he's there for 10 years. When Obama goes, can he keep that evidence and bring it to the next president –“ [Crosstalk]

PIRRO: “-- likelier attorney general?”

HANNITY: “You're a former district attorney yourself.”

PIRRO: “Right.”

HANNITY: “So I -- I'm reading you as saying you think she's cooked.  And I think the mistake that she made is she never thought they'd recover this. She thought she wiped it clean, eliminated the e-mails, got rid of the marks that said classified. She was too cute by half, not understanding the technology. True or false.”

PIRRO: “Well, you know, I could agree with that, as well. But here's the thing. The woman has danced with federal prosecutors her whole career!  She knows the loopholes. The fact that she set this up within days tells me that she had some reason to do all this. Was it to collect hundreds of millions of dollars –“

HANNITY: “She didn't want them subject to a congressional subpoena.”

PIRRO: “OK. Let me ask you another question.”

HANNITY: “Go ahead. You take over.”

PIRRO: “Why is that it this woman, all right, who's got all of these people around her -- why is she ignoring the freedom of information? Why doesn't she let the inspector general –“

HANNITY: “Because -- I'll tell you why. Because the Clintons have gotten away with so much over the years, she arrogantly believed that this would go away. And I actually think -- I don't think she's going to survive this.”

PIRRO: “She shouldn't survive! First of all, America doesn't believe her anymore. She's not trustworthy. But you know what? If General Petraeus, a four-star general, can be indicted and convicted, that's the least of the stuff that she's done!”

HANNITY: “What he did is minuscule in comparison!”

PIRRO: “Yes! Exactly!”

HANNITY: “All right.”

PIRRO: “She needs to be indicted!”

HANNITY: “Judge Jeanine Pirro -- guilty! OK, thank you.”

PIRRO: “Almost.”

HANNITY: “Coming up, Hillary Clinton's poll numbers are plummeting -- you can't believe it -- especially in very key swing states, especially when it come to trustworthiness and honesty.”

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