Rep. McCaul: Iran Deal ‘Could Spark a Nuclear Arms Race’

‘This deal violates six U.N. security council resolutions to give Iran the right to enrich’

MCCAUL: “My concern is that this deal violates six U.N. Security Council resolutions to give Iran the right to enrich. That it sends a message to our partners in the Middle East that it's OK for state-sponsored terrorism to enrich, but not for them. I’m concerned that it could spark a nuclear arms race in the Middle East if not done correctly. I’m concerned it deals nothing with the technology aspects, as we know they have the capability to hit Israel and Europe with its missiles currently, and the Pentagon projects that they have ICBM capability of hitting the United States by 2015. And I think most disturbingly, Mr. Secretary, President Rouhani said just this week that Iran’s centrifuges in his words quote, unquote, will never stop spinning."

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