Kimmel: The GOP Is Acting Like Trump By Blocking to Raise the Debt Ceiling, ‘We Owe Money? Let’s Not Pay Them’

‘But Donald Trump’s party’


KIMMEL: “And the crazy thing is, in the movie “armageddon,” we were trying to avoid being hit by an asteroid. In this one, Mitch McConnell’s like, “we welcome the asteroid. I’ll just rub a little cream on it if it hits us.” And people are confused by the “debt ceiling.” Republicans say they’re against raising it because the Democrats want to spend too much. But the debt ceiling is for money we already spent under Trump, under obama, under bush, and so on. It’s money we owe. That’s why they call it “debt.” But Donald Trump’s party, does things like Donald Trump. We owe money? Let’s just not pay!”

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