Mika on Clinton E-mail Scandal: ‘Why Do They Keep Saying Something That Is Not True?’

‘Hillary Clinton staff says that was permissible under department policy’

BRZEZONSKI: “I was going to give you guys the choice, but I think I’m going to choose the story.”

SCARBOTOUGH: “Okay.” (Laughter)

BRZEZONSKI: “I’m not going to let you choose. A federal judge says, Hillary Clinton did not follow government e-mail policy using her personal server for State Department business. At a hearing over a Freedom of Information Lawsuit, the judge said, ‘We wouldn't be here today if the employee had followed government policy.’ The judge even opened the possibility the FBI could expand its search to include e-mails Clinton may have deleted. He also called on the FBI to hand over to state any e-mails it recovers from the server not yet in the State Department's possession. The hearing was spurred over questions of Huma Abedin's work at the same time for both the State Department and in the private sector. Clinton has long said she turned over all relevant documents. Her campaign staff have said that her use of a personal e-mail account was consistent with her predecessors and permissible under department policy at the time.”

SCARBOTOUGH: “Wow. You know, Donny –“

BRZEZONSKI: “Is it or isn't it? Because they say it is. Hillary Clinton staff says it was permissible under department policy. Is that true? Why do they keep saying that?”

SCARBOTOUGH: “No, that is not true.”

BRZEZONSKI: “Why do they keep saying something that is not true?”

SCARBOTOUGH: “2009 regulation that required that you had to keep your e-mails contained and preserved. Especially for the FOIA at the agency.”

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