Trump: Hillary Will Have a ‘Hard Time’ in the Election Because of the E-mail Scandal

‘Hillary’s going to get a hard time being in the election based on what’s happening with the e-mails, the servers maybe even the speeches’

CUOMO: “So we have the polls in politics, we have policy and we have the personal. They’re all Ps and we’ll jump around as seems right to you.”

TRUMP: “OK. That’s fine.”

CUOMO: “The latest CNN/ORC poll -- you don’t get more accurate than that. It has you for the first time considered competitive in the general election. Six points separating you and Hillary Clinton. You must be shocked?”

TRUMP: “Well, it’s not my focus right now. Right now, I have 16 other people that I’m looking at and that’s not my focus but indirectly it probably is. And I think Hillary’s going to get a hard time being in the election based on what’s happening with the e-mails, the servers maybe even the speeches. I think it’s going to be a very hard thing for her to overcome. When I look, Chris, at what happened with Petraeus on a much moral level -- great general, wonderful guy, everybody loves him -- and they’ve destroyed his life over much less. I mean in terms of confidentiality, in terms of importance, much less and far fewer. And it would seem hard to think that somebody could have a much worse situation than him and escape.”

CUOMO: “Well, the factual distinction would be that that was classified information with Petraeus. And he knew it and he used it. Here, we do not know yet that –“

TRUMP: “Wait –“

CUOMO: “Hillary Clinton was doing the wrong thing or mishandling classified information –“

TRUMP: “But it looks like it was –“

CUOMO: “Does that matter?;

TRUMP: “-- and it certainly looks like it was very high level information. And what’s the purpose of it? You know, it’s always scouting the edge, what’s the purpose of it? In the end, she had something in mind. She didn’t want the people to know or something, but what is she doing? Why is she doing it?”

CUOMO: “You think this is really going to hurt her long-time?”

TRUMP: “I think it’s devastating. I think it’s devastating for the election but I think her bigger problem is not the election. I think her bigger problem is going to be the criminal problem.”

CUOMO: “Really? You really think that this could turn out to be a criminal situation for Hillary Clinton –“

TRUMP: “Well –“

CUOMO: “-- because there’s no reference of that from the investigators right now.”

TRUMP: “I don’t think I’m the only one. I mean the FBI’s involved. They only do criminal. I don’t think I’m the only one. Now, maybe it’s somebody in her staff but look, it’s either criminal or incompetence. Just one or the other. You see the gross incompetence or criminal. And neither is acceptable to be president.”

CUOMO: “I feel like you’re skipping the headline. You’re six points from Hillary Clinton. Nobody would have expected that. You’re kind of glossing over it. Why? Shouldn’t you be saying, ‘Six points? I can’t believe I’m not ahead.’”

TRUMP: “Well, that’s one thing I could say, I guess. You know, I think we’ll do very well against Hillary. Hillary’s record as secretary of state was a disaster. She was in favor - totally in favor of the Iraq War which is obviously not a good soundbite.”

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