Trump: My Town Halls Must Be Larger While Jeb Has ‘a Very Small Crowd’

‘Right down the road, we have Jeb; very small crowd’

Trump: They Need Larger Venues For My Town Halls While Jeb Has "A Very Small Crowd," "They're Sleeping" (RealClearPolitics)

At a rowdy town hall on Wednesday night in Derry, New Hampshire held by Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate took a jab at his fellow presidential hopeful Jeb Bush, who happened to be holding a town hall at the same exact time.

Trump talked about how he has to continually change venues due to the amount of people he draws while Jeb "has a very small crowd" that is "sleeping."

"I'm going to be in Alabama, and there was going to be 500 people, and the room held about 1,000, and they heard that we were there. And within about two minutes, that room wasn't big enough. So they went to a room that held 2,000 people, and they heard that wasn't big enough. And now they went to the convention center, and they heard that wasn't big enough. They're going to end up being 30 to 40,000 people in Alabama."

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