Kimmel: Fauci and Nicki Minaj Talking About Gonads Could’ve Been One of the Great Pay-Per-View Events of All Time

‘Yesterday, Nicki claimed she was invited to the White House’

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KIMMEL: “Yesterday, Nicki claimed she was invited to the White House to discuss this and so they could answer any questions she might have about vaccination. The White House disputes that. They say they offered Nicki a phone call with one of their doctors, not a visit, and that denial did not go over well. Nicki insisted that her manager and publicist were on a call during which the White House invited her to come chat with Dr. Fauci in person. The White House says no. And I have to say, it’s a shame that isn’t happening. Dr. Fauci talking to Nicki Minaj about her cousin’s friends inflated gonads could have been one of the great pay-per-view events of all time.”

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