Colbert Rants to Justice Breyer About Texas Abortion Law Doing an ‘End Run Around’ Supreme Court

‘Have you ever seen an example of any law of citizens being deputized to be the people to enforce it?’


BREYER: "Texas, you know, used to have posses."
COLBERT: "Sure."
BREYER: "I mean, if you've seen western movies, which you have, you’ll know that any ten people can get together and they can, on certain circumstances, be a posse that goes out and captures the outlaws. Well, you asked me for an example. I didn't say — "
COLBERT: "Is that the same example, Mr. Justice? Because those people are being deputized to be part of the government, essentially, to be government agents, whereas these people are staying citizens, which is how the Texas lawmakers are trying to do an end run around judicial review."

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