Gen. Wesley Clark: Gen. Mark Milley ‘Would Have Been Derelict If He Hadn’t Done This’

‘I think Milley was totally within his responsibilities’


CLARK: "Well, look, the senior military leaders all talk to each other internationally all of the time. There’s continuing network of consultation just as Jamie said. And I totally understand the balance of Milley's responsibility to reach out to other military leaders, both those who are friends, those who are potential adversaries, and check the temperature, tell them what it feels like to him, and keep that relationship going. We want our military to have international relationships. And so in this case, although I certainly respect Lieutenant Colonel Vindman’s actions in the impeachment issue, he just doesn’t have the experience and knowledge to know how this works. I think Milley was totally within his responsibilities and frankly, he would have been derelict if he hadn’t done this. So I think he’s got a huge support base here among those of us who know how the system work."

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