Barnicle on Gen. Milley Usurping Trump: ‘This Is Just Common Sense’

‘The facts are we had an unbalanced presidency for four years, and we’re still living that unbalance out every day’


BARNICLE: “You know, Joe, I think there was also one other added character. I believe it was a Secretary of Defense James Schlesinger. I think he was sec. def. at the time, but you're absolutely right, I mean, they don’t acknowledge history today  in the Republican Party. They don’t acknowledge a lot of other things as well, but history especially. And the secretary of defense, along with everyone else that you just mentioned, they had more or less an understanding and they passed that understanding down to underlings, especially within the Pentagon, within the Defense Department, that if there was any rattling coming out of the Oval Office about the potential use of nuclear weapons, President Nixon at the time, you know, extremely unbalanced, they were to report back up to the sec. def. or back to the national security adviser before any action at all was taken. This is just common sense. It’s called public safety.” 

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