Heilemann: Newsom Seems To Have Proven that Being for Public Health Is a Smart Bet

‘We like the fact that the governor that has taken hard decisions to try to keep public health first and foremost in the middle of this pandemic’


HEILEMANN: “And every Republican in the field gave Gavin Newsom an enormous gift. They campaigned straight up and said, 'You know, the first thing we’re going to do,' and this is from Larry Elder all the way down, 'the first thing we’re going to do if you recall Gavin Newsom is loosen up all of these,' what they say were o,' and a lot of California voters, even though who are frustrated with Newsom on other fronts, said, 'Wait a minute, Gavin Newsom has problems, we're frustrated with a number of things, but we like a pro-science administration. We like the fact that the Governor has taken hard decisions to try to keep public health first and foremost in the middle of this pandemic.' In that respect, they did, I think, they have been preserving the right obviously to vote him out in a real election a little more than a year from now, and they sent a pretty strong message. And we saw Joe Biden, I know you covered, we had him out here on Monday night trying to basically say, 'Hey, what stays in California shouldn’t stay in California. Actually there are national lessons here.' And that’s the bet that the Biden Administration made too, which is that, you know, being for science, being for public health, is the right place to be politically."

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