Jack Brewer: Oppression and Racism Happens All Over the World, This Is Not an American Issue

‘Do we still feel the results of slavery here? A little bit we do’


BREWER: “I mean, we can all pick and choose those battles in our lives that are not good. We can all focus on the hate and not focus on the love. Racism is a heart issue. It’s a spirit issue. And so, oppression and racism happens all over the world. This is not an American issue. America is not the only place that had slaves. And if you want to go down to the root cause of it, the mass majority of Americans even in the 1700s and 1800s did not own slaves and did not have slaves. So, everybody did not participate in the slave trade. And, yes, it was horrible what happened. Do we still feel the results of slavery here? A little bit we do. But we still can overcome these things and we have to talk about positivity and all the good that’s happened in this nation.”

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