Ted Cruz: Biden Admin. Is So ‘Naive’ to Think the Taliban Wants to Be Welcomed in the U.N. Coffee Lounge

‘Blinken had 2 admissions today that were significant’


HANNITY: "This is the worst foreign policy disaster in a generation. It was really two things that drove it.  One, radical ideology. These guys are naive, they think they are in a college faculty lounge, they think the Taliban wants to be welcomed and embraced at the U.N. coffee bar. And number two, manifest incompetence. They combined the two with a series of decisions that were just disaster. Abandoning the Bagram Air Field, it has no justification. 100 years from now, Sean, at the War College they will teach abandoning Bagram, two secure air strips, a secure perimeter protected from terrorist attacks, and we gave it to the Taliban, moving our evacuation instead to the Kabul International Airport, a dense urban environment controlled by the Taliban. That cost the lives of 13 servicemen and women. They didn’t have to die. If we had been at Bagram, there is a very good chance that secure perimeter would have kept them alive. This was incompetence and it was radical ideology.”

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