Rubio: For the Sake of Our Country, I Hope Milley Makes a Strong Denial

‘I hope this is not true’


RUBIO: "I don’t think there is any doubt that at a minimum he should be fired, if this is true. Now I hope it's not true, I really do. For the sake of our country, I hope that it's not true. But if it is — "
HANNITY: "Did Woodward lie? Is it possible Woodward — "
RUBIO: "I don’t know Bob Woodward. I don't know anything about — I hope for the sake of our country that this is not true and we'll get a strong denial. Because the alternative basically means that we have — the person in charge of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is someone who decided that he was more important than the Constitution, more important than the chain of command, that he unilaterally was going to make a determination about colluding with a potential enemy of the United States."

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