Pelosi: ‘I Say to My Republican Friends, Take Back Your Party’

‘The country needs a big, strong Republican Party’


PELOSI: "And I say to my Republican friends, take back your party. Country needs a big, strong Republican Party. I say that as a leader of the Democratic Party, but we need a big, strong Republican Party that's done so much for our country. Take pride and take back your party. Don’t have it be a cult of personality on the extreme, extreme, extreme right. This isn’t about liberal or conservative, it’s about radical — shall we say, they don’t believe in governance. So you see, for example, with Covid, if science says we should be wearing a mask and government says you must wear a mask inside, they’ll say, 'We’re anti science, we don't believe in science to begin with, and we certainly are not going to obey the governance that requires that.' That’s one example. Of course, we go through this with climate change and so many other areas of denial that they’re in. So, again, as non-partisan as I can be, take back the Republican Party. I'm saying this to Republicans, take back your party, which has done so much for our country, and we can compete in the world of ideas about what the role of government is. We have confidence in our beliefs, but we have humility enough to listen to others and how things might work regionally or generationally or ethnically or whatever differences there are."

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