Hannity Plays Videos of Women Getting Beaten by the Taliban for Protesting: Is This What the Biden Admin Calls ‘Businesslike?’

‘It gets worse because look at these graphic photos showing the attacks’


HANNITY: “Biden said tonight, transcends borders, wide open, leaving Americans stranded abroad in Afghanistan. The grim reality of taliban rule is undeniable as ever. Look at your screen, take a look at that because that is new footage showing afghan women getting the hill beaten out of them at a demonstration in kabul and this is the group of the Biden administration is calling businesslike and lecturing them that there is not enough inclusivity here. Seriously? This is the group Joe Biden surrendered to and abandoned Americans to be hostage up? And it gets worse because look at these graphic photos showing the attacks. Journalists suffering, recovering a woman’s protest in kabul beer they work for news agency. They had their photos and cameras confiscated. They got the hill beaten out of them by the taliban, reportedly held. They were lucky they weren’t beheaded. We don’t know what their ultimate fate will be.”

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