Gov. Gavin Newsom: ‘If We’re Not Successful in Rejecting this Recall, Larry Elder Is Going To Be Sworn in As Your Next Governor’

‘California we are better than that’


NEWSOM: "But we have a chance, and an opportunity, to make history of our own here in the state of California. By rejecting that — well, that cynicism, rejecting that fear, by rejecting that kind of divisiveness. California, we are better than that, we have the opportunity by voting no on this recall. 

(Cheers and applause)

We're better than that. We're better than that. Now, you know what happens when we don’t vote no on this recall, don't you? I mean, this isn't even close. On the other side of this recall, if we’re not successful in rejecting this recall, Larry Elder is going to be sworn in as your next governor.”

(Via the Hill)

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