Jenner: Larry Elder Is Not Good for the Recall, He Gave Dems a Lot of Ammunition to Go up Against Him

‘There’s just questions about Larry Elder that I think need to be answered’


JENNER: "First of all, I’ve known Larry forever. I’ve been on his show. He is a very right-wing conservative talk show host and he does express his opinions. There has been other issues of Larry personally coming out recently, which if they are true — there’s more to governing than just dealing with the economy. What about — what are his — you know, what are his policies when it comes to women? What are his LGBT issues? We don’t know that yet. To me it scares me. What it has done is it has given the Democrats a lot of ammunition to go up against him. All the ads are this Republican recall, you know, and Larry Elder, far right-wing Republican."

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