Hilton: Biden Must Be Impeached

‘The idea that he slips out of the White House in any accountability is unconscionable and unacceptable’


HILTON: "Biden caused the death of 13 service members. He has deliberately left hundreds of known, identifiable Americans in the hands of the enemy. He has knowingly created a new safe haven for terrorist to attack America when an alternative that would’ve protected America and protected Americans was available but rejected. If all of that isn't impeachable, I don’t know what is. This must be a litmus test for Republicans. Biden promised competence, but instead brought chaos. He promised compassion, but gave us cruelty. He has betrayed our allies, broken his sacred trust, brought shame and humiliation on the presidency and this great country. But our contempt for this utterly discredited, despicable man is not enough. He must be held accountable. Biden must be impeached."

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