CNN: Newsom Is ‘Nationalizing’ Recall Race in Speech Against Larry Elder

‘Governor Newsom just wrapped up an event with labor unions where he touted their support’


MERICA: “And at the same time, you have Gov. Newsom focusing on events like this. He’s also, as you mentioned, nationalizing this race, trying to highlight the fact that a state that voted against Donald Trump by about 30 points could be represented by a Republican if voters don’t turn out for this recall effort. Take a listen to what he said about his primary opponent Larry Elder just a few minutes ago."

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NEWSOM: "If we don’t vote no on this recall, Larry Elder is the next governor of California. By the way, this is not an exaggeration at all, he is to the right of Donald Trump. How is that even possible?"
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MERICA: "It’s a pretty smart strategy for a governor in a state that voted so handily against Donald Trump and we'll see if it works on election day. But what I can tell you is a lot of Democrats are confident that the nationalizing of this race will lead to Gov. Newsom staying in office."

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