NSA Sullivan: It Would Have Taken Much Greater U.S. Military Presence to Stop the Taliban than What Biden Was Handed by Trump

‘We would have taken casualties’


SULLIVAN: “There are those who argue that with 2,500 forces, the number of forces in country when Biden took office, we could have sustained a stable peaceful Afghanistan. That is simply wrong. The previous administration drew down from 15,000 troops to 2,500 troops. And even at 15,000, the Afghan government forces were losing ground. What has unfolded over the past month has proven decisively that it would have taken a significant American the troop presence, multiple times greater than what President Biden was handed to stop a Taliban onslaught, and we would have taken casualties. American men and women would have been fighting and dying once again in Afghanistan and President Biden was not prepared to send additional forces or ask any American personnel to do that over the period ahead.” 

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