McAuliffe ad Hits Youngkin on COVID-19 Approach: ‘Don’t Florida Our Virginia’

We can’t let Glenn Youngkin do to Virginia what Ron DeSantis has done to Florida


YOUNGKIN: “Watch Ron DeSantis stand up and say what’s right and what’s wrong.”
DESANTIS: “We will not have Covid vaccines mandated.”
REPORTER: “In Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis has threatened to cut the salaries of any superintendent or school board member that defies his no mask mandate order.”
UNKNOWN FEMALE: “We're very much concerned about losing funding.”
HOST: “Basically take off and masks or else I’m not going to give you money.”
YOUNGKIN: “And this is where I look to -- to lead as governor.”
MCAULIFFE: “I’m Terry McAuliffe, candidate for governor and I sponsored this ad.”

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