NYT’s Confessore: ‘Talk Radio Likes’ Trump; ‘Fox Backed Down’ on Him

‘There were two institutions that could have put a stop to Trump: talk radio and Fox’

NYT Reporter: Rush Forced Fox to Back Down on Trump (NewsBusters)

Did Rush Limbaugh force Fox News, in the wake of the Donald Trump/Megyn Kelly dust-up, to back down and welcome Trump back on its network?  That's what New York Times reporter Nick Confessore suggested on today's Morning Joe.

Asked by Mika Brzezinski who was the most powerful person in the media today, Confessore responded: "I think Fox or Rush Limbaugh [whose last name Confessore pronounced "Lim-bow], right? In this primary, right? There were two institutions that could have put a stop to Trump, talk radio and Fox. And talk radio likes him and Fox backed down."

HuffPo's Sam Stein essentially seconded Confessore's notion.  Mika took a different tack, arguing that Trump himself is the most powerful person in media.  

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