Larry Elder: If Andrew Cuomo Isn’t Nervous, Gavin Newsom Sure Is

‘And they don’t want Gavin Newsom to have a second term’


ELDER: “And they don’t want Gavin Newsom to have a second term. It is because of the crime because of the rising homelessness and because the outrageous way he shut down the state in the most draconian way than the other 50 states while sitting up there French laundry restaurant with the very people that drafted the mandates, not wearing a mask and not social distancing. Telling everybody to do that. You have the outrageous cost of living average price of a home in California because of environmental extremists that he doesn’t want to stand out, cost 150% more than the average price of a home in the United States. You added up and this guy has got to go. You pointed out more people wanting him to go then stay and he’s very, very nervous. If Andrew Cuomo isn’t, he sure is.”

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