CNN: Labor Shortages Cause Seafood Industry to Lose Business

‘U.S. Seafood prices are up 2.5% since last year, the fastest pace in years’


YURKEVICH (voice over): “The seafood industry, like so many others, is experiencing a labor shortage. And it's currently high season in Greenport, Long Island, where seafood is in demand.”
YURKEVICH (on camera): “How would you say business is going?”
PHILLIPS: “It's insane.”
YURKEVICH (voice over): “U.S. seafood prices are up 2.5 percent since last year, the fastest pace in years. This should be good news for Phillips, but he says customers often leave frustrated and without making a purchase. With little staff, people are forced to wait.”
YURKEVICH (on camera): “Are you missing out on potential business because of it?”
PHILLIPS: “Absolutely. I feel every day we are. Every day.”
YURKEVICH (voice over): “The U.S. imports up to 85 percent of the seafood we eat. But with slowdowns and international trade, there's even more pressure on U.S. operations to make up the loss. In Louisiana, it's the tail end of the brown shrimp season. But a lousy harvest and fewer workers means less business for places like Louisiana Newpack Shrimp Company.”
TURNER: “We have to use temporary agencies to get people to come in. And it's hard to get them even today.”

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